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    VIDEOS/STILLS TRIVIA CAST/CREW ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING / CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS Watch Film Trailer Press SHARE code 5(2011) Executive Producer Andy Ahluwalia, Sven Soukup Producers Attila(as Attila Kállai), James Ferguson Director Todd Donald Writers Sven Soukup Stars Arpad Bologh, Sheldon Trosko Genre action, drama Tagline Synopsis A young Lawyer finds himself in a desperate situation, as a member of the Emergency Response Team tries to negotiate him back to safety. Time 10 minutes Links Facebook Page(Cognito. Studios.), Chino Kino listing Language English Location Canada Production Dates August 2010 - August 16, 2011 Shoot Dates 2010/2011 Release Dates -????, internet -March 27/28, 2012, Canadian International Film Festival(Vancouver, British Columbia) -Oct. 22, 2011, Blue Snowman Film Festival(Montreal, Quebec) -Oct.14, 2011, Moving Image Film Festival(Toronto, Ontario) -Aug. 26, 2011, Las Vegas Cine Fest(Las Vegas, Nevada) -Aug. 16, 2011, cast/crew/media premiere(Vancouver, British Columbia) Awards -Official Selection/Winner Rising Star Award Canadian International Film Festival 2012 -Official Selection/Winner Best Original Soundtrack/Winner Best Cinematography/Winner Best Short Film Blue Snowman Film Festival 2011 -Official Selection Moving Image Film Festival 2011 -Official Selection Las Vegas Cine Fest 2011 Content Scenes of Violence, Rated 13+ Out of gallery Out of gallery Out of gallery Cast ARPAD BALOGH - Justin McAdams SVEN SOUKUP - Michael McAdams SHELDON TROSKO - Security Guard MARK CAMPBELL - E.R.T. Sergeant (voice) CARRIE-ANN BAILEY - Police Command (voice) HOUDA EL OUAZZANI - 911 Dispatcher (voice) HARRY CHOO - E.R.T. Bravo Unit (voice) RAMI FARHAN - E.R.T. Charley Unit (voice) ANDY AHLUWALIA - E.R.T. Alpha Unit (voice) CHRIS DUCHAINE - Police Officer 1 (voice) GISELLA MARIA - Police Officer 2 (voice) BILL MARLES - Elderly Neighbor (voice) ​ Crew SVEN SOUKUP - Executive Producer/Writer/Property Master/Assistant Camera/Voice Casting/Costumer/Assistant Editor/Director(uncredited) ANDY AHLUWALIA - Co-Executive Producer/Dialogue Editor/Sound Editor/Sound Mixer/Assistant Camera/Post Production Supervisor ATTILA(as ATTILA KÁLLAI) - Producer/Assistant Director/Production Supervisor/Casting/Location Manager/Assistant Camera JAMES FERGUSON - Producer/Grip/Lighting Technician TODD DONALD - Director/Cinematographer/Camera Operator/Editor/Original Music/Composer:theme music/Set Dresser DARRELL ORYDZUK - Associate Producer/Very Special Thanks NEVA GLASS(as YANA YASENEVA) - Assistant Camera/Chief Lighting Technician/Lighting Technician SIMON LEUNG - Still Photographer JOHANN REX TE - Still Photographer RUSSELL SEELEY - Still Photographer KRISTA JANG - Casting PAULO CHRISTIANSEN - Casting Reader SHAWN DERRICKS - Casting Assistant/Special Thanks KYLA CHARNEY - Key Makeup Artist TIFFANY MORTON - Makeup Artist MICHELLE PIHOWICH - Key Hair Stylist SHELDON TROSKO -Stunt Coordinator/Stunt Performer YORIS BOSMAN - Grip/Lighting Technician MOHAMED AHMED - Grip/Lighting Technician/Boom Operator/Sound Mixer MICHAEL JULIAN BERZ - Sound Mixer/Boom Operator STEVE FAGAN - Boom Operator/Sound Mixer RAJAN KHANIJAON - Sound Editor/Sound Effect Editor JAMES GUTTRIDGE - Original Music/Composer:theme music SEAN HOSEIN - Original Music/Composer:theme music MARIA CUNDARI - Caterer/Craft Service EILEEN PENG -Logo Designer(Cognito.Studios.)/Special Thanks JUSTIN SZILAGYI - Location Scout/Special Thanks JENNY WOOD - Script Supervisor BART ANDERSON - Special Thanks KENNETH BARR - Special Thanks AARON CRAVEN - Very Special Thanks TRINA DUHRA - Special Thanks PHILIP GRANGER - Special Thanks NEIL JAMIESON - Very Special Thanks MARY MAXWELL - The Producers wish to Thank/Special Thanks AMBER SOUKUP - In Memory Of INGRID TORRANCE - Very Special Thanks RAY WEREMCZUK - The Producers wish to Thank/Special Thanks HITOWER MUSIC - Composers COGNITO STUDIOS - Executive Production/Production Company/Distributor ATKA FILMS - Production Company/Casting/Crewing/Catering/Craft Service/Premiere Event Organizer/Distributor FLIQIO - Distributor ​ TRIVIA -The 'Long-board' was the official onset transportation. ​ -"Waves Coffee House" was the official production meeting spot for, "Code 5". ​ -"Vegas Cine Fest" was the first to accept "Code 5" into their festival, 24 hours after its submission. ​ -Co-Executive Producer 'Andy Ahluwalia', was used as a voice for one of the E.R.T. Members in "Code 5". ​ -The opening living room still photos were all shot in under 4 hours in the New Westminster, BC area. ​ -"Code 5's" final scene, which would have shed light on it's ending, was never shot due to location complications. ​ -Producer Attila performed the audio breathing for Arpad Balogh during the ADR session, due to the fact Arpad had left the country to travel. -Executive Producer / Lead Actor Sven Soukup, was hit with a 1k light during the filming of some of the hallway sequence, resulting in a cut across the nose. Fortunately, the make-up department leaves little to the viewing of this fact on screen. ​ -The name "McAdams" was chosen because Rachel McAdams is Executive Producer / Writer, Sven Soukups favorite actress. ​ -Actor Sheldon Trosko, went through two security guard shirts in the hallway fight sequence due to prop blood covering the original. The security patches were ripped off the original, and duck taped from under neither to the 2nd shirt to make up some of the shots you see in the final version of the film. -"Code 5" was written and produced after Executive Producer / Writer Sven Soukup, was rejected for a role on a S.W.A.T. team for a commercial being shot in Vancouver, BC. ​ -All the opening living room still photos were taken on actor Arpad Balogh's final day in Vancouver, prior his leaving to L.A. -Heavy rain pounded the school locations roof, as the cameras were rolling on Actor Sven Soukup, performing Michael McAdams. Heavy A.D.R. and sound work were required to aid in it's cleaning. ​ -"Code 5's" original plans for a director included Ingrid Torrance, who had to turn down the offer for personal reasons. -An entire "cable-cam" rig was built for a shot, but never ended up being used. The concept of the shot was to film high over head, zipping through trees, in the opening chase sequence. Unfortunately, the production ran out of time to complete the shot. TOP

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    VIDEOS/STILLS TRIVIA REVIEWS/PRESS CAST/CREW ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING / CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS Watch Film Trailer Press SHARE Slow bleed(2011) Executive Producer Bernard M. Janega Producers Attila(as Attila Kállai), Cineworks, Matthew Janega Writer/Director Matthew Janega Stars Sheldon Trosko, Jasmine Mooney Genre psychological horror, action Tagline you'll never trust a pretty face again Synopsis After kidnapping a man, Lena(Jasmine Mooney) uses her sultry demeanor as well as her rage to make an example of her victim. Aston(Sheldon Trosko) may need a trick up his sleeve to prevent the worst. Only one thing is sure.... BLOOD WILL FLOW. Time 9 minutes Links The Independent Critic, The Cineworks Post Language English Location Canada Production Dates September 20 2010 - May 8 2011 Shoot Dates November 13/14 2010 Release Dates -Sept 3 2014, internet -2011, NBC's Channel 4(Los Angeles, California) -July 28 2011, Action on Film International Film Festival 2011(Pasadena, California) -August 2 2011, cast/crew/media premiere(Vancouver, British Columbia) Awards Nominated Best Composition Action on Film International Film Festival 2011 Content Violence, Coarse Language, Rated 13+ Out of gallery Out of gallery Out of gallery TRIVIA -First film for Matthew Janega. -"Slow Bleed, Strange Maiden" was the original title of the film. -Shot in 2 days. -Budget was an estimated $4000. -A Canon 5D and 7D camera were used. -Shot in Vancouver, Canada. ​ REVIEWS/PRESS "a style that weaves together both a noirish and gothic sensibility into a film that often feels like a cut from one of the Saw films" -Richard Propes, The Independent Critic FULL REVIEW After kidnapping a man, Lena (Jasmine Mooney) uses both her sultry sexuality and her internal rage to turn her victim, Aston (Sheldon Trosko), into an example. Can Aston prevent the worst from happening? As the film's tagline goes "Blood Will Flow," I think we know the answer. A nearly 9-minute short film from writer/director Matthew Janega and Atka Films, Slow Bleed is nicely photographed by Jordan Ewan in a style that weaves together both a noirish and gothic sensibility into a film that often feels like a cut from one of the Saw films with its exploration of violence and its internal and external justifications. While there's nothing in Slow Bleed even remotely as graphic as Saw, the film burns most brightly when Lena, an obviously wounded woman with vengeance in her heart, is building up her emotions and making everyone wonder if she's actually going to strike out at a victim who, for the most part, appears guilty only because of his gender. Called upon to be not much more than sexy with a healthy dose of psychotic, Jasmine Mooney exudes the sort of menace that makes you believe she could have taken this character considerably further than she's given the chance to do here. Mooney has a sense of menace about her, yet if you watch her eyes as she's explaining to Aston why he's the recipient of her wrath it's clear that there's so much more going on inside Mooney's Lena. The cast is rounded out by Sheldon Trosko's solid turn as Aston along with Janega's own appearance as an undercover officer. While Slow Bleed is filmed in color, the film feels very black-and-white and Candise Paul's set design adds to the film's claustrophobic chills. Slow Bleed played recently at Pasadena's Action on Film Festival, where the film picked up a nomination for Best Composition. Filmed on a modest $4,000 (CAD), Slow Bleed was shot utilizing the Canon 5D and Canon 7D cameras in 16:9 HD. Slow Bleed is a rather straightforward horror/thriller that, nonetheless, displays great promise by its lead actress and provides solid proof of Janega's visual prowess. Written by Richard Propes, The Independent Critic ​ ===================================== ​ "a raw element that is reminiscent of the 70s yet with a contemporary edge" -The Cineworks Post, Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society FULL INTERVIEW ATKA FILMS along with NPC Technologies is proud to announce the official acceptance of their recent short film production ‘Slow Bleed’ into the 7th annual Action on Film International Film Festival (AOF). Founded in 2005, AOF has become one of the fastest growing, high profile festivals in the industry, introducing the AOF channel in March of 2011 on NBC’s Channel 4 in the Los Angeles market. ‘Slow Bleed’ follows Aston Jones as he is kidnapped by the seductive Lena who has a hell bent rage and is intent on making an example out of him. Her torturous ways don’t make for an easy escape, as Aston attempts to gain control of the situation any way he can. “I am honored and excited to not only showcase but premiere ‘Slow Bleed’ at AOF to an extended and influential audience who I believe will find it both visually arresting and thought provoking,” said Writer/Director Matthew Janega of his directorial debut. Despite nearly missing the audition, Jasmine Mooney secured her role as Lena, bringing intensity to the beguiling character in her first lead. Working as both actor and stuntman – in Canada and the US – Sheldon Trosko was a perfect fit for the challenging role of Aston. A native of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Director Matthew Janega now resides in Vancouver, British Columbia after attending Vancouver Film School’s Film Production Program. Having grown up with an affinity for the art of film, Janega pulls influence from all genres and brings them together with a raw element that is reminiscent of the 70’s yet with a contemporary edge. Slow Bleed premieres on July 28th in Pasadena, CA at Academy Theater Six, 1003 East Colorado Boulevard, at 6pm along with a group of other short films and has been nominated for the AOF award for “Best Composition.” ​ Written by The Cineworks Post, Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society ​ ===================================== ​ "Thanks, awesome movie. Me and my friends thought it was great." -Nick L. Bost, fan ​ ===================================== ​ ​ Cast JASMINE MOONEY- Lena SHELDON TROSKO - Aston MATTHEW JANEGA - Undercover Officer ​ Crew BERNARD JANEGA - Executive Producer MATTHEW JANEGA - Director/Writer/Producer ATTILA(as ATTILA KÁLLAI) - Producer/Executive Producer/Production Coordinator/Casting Director/Location Manager/BTS Photography KEVIN KOSTAL - Assistant Director JORDAN EWAN - Cinematographer/Camera Operator/Colorist ZACHARY KROGER - Editor BORIS MARTINS - Assistant Camera JEFF MEAGHER - Assistant Camera NEVA GLASS - Still Photographer/Additional Photography CANDISE PAUL - Set Decoration/Set Designer GUENDALINA GIANFRANCHI - Property Master JACQUELYN ADAMSON - Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist MALIN SJOSTROM - Hair Stylist/Makeup Artist CHRISTINA DIETTERLE - Costumer BERNIE YAO - Sound Mixer/Boom Operator SEAN COX - Gaffer/Dolly Grip MARIA CUNDARI - Additional Photography/Caterer/Craft Service OKSANA KOULINITCH - Additional Photography/Caterer DASHA LEONTYEVA - Additional Photography/Production Assistant/Assistant to Mr. Kállai MIKE McMASTER - Best Boy/Dolly Grip MAGALI GAUTHIER - Casting Assistant/Production Assistant SHAWN DERRICKS - Casting Assistant/Production Assistant DARREN SUTTON - Casting Assistant/Production Assistant MARK HOLLIER - Sound Designer CURTIS NICKERSON - Sound Editor SHELDON TROSKO - Stunt Coordinator/Stunt performer BRANDON WROBLESKI - Precision Driver/Very Special Thanks AUSTIN JANEGA - Original Music REINHOLD POHNL - Original Music MARKUS SCHMIDT - Original Music GREG BROWN - Very Special Thanks MARK CALLOW - Very Special Thanks PETER CALLOW - Very Special Thanks DEREK ROALD HALL - Very Special Thanks SUSAN KELLY - Grateful Acknowledgment LISA LaBRECHE - Grateful Acknowledgment PAUL LaBRECHE - Grateful Acknowledgment NPC TECHNOLOGIES - Executive Production ATKA FILMS - Production Company/Executive Production/Distributor/Crewing/Casting/Catering/Craft Service CINEWORKS - Produced with the Assistance of ACTION ON FILM - Distributor FLIQIO - Distributor TVAK - Stunts SILLYCOD PROD - Casting CALLOW INSURANCE - Production Insurance ICBC - Vehicle Insurance KITSILANO COMMUNITY CENTRE - Casting Location PACIFIC BACKLOT - Equipment PROVISION - Equipment VANCOUVER EXTENDED STAY - Shooting Location TOP

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    VIDEOS/STILLS TRIVIA CAST/CREW ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING/ CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS Watch Film Trailer Press SHARE BREAKup(2009) Executive Producer Magali Gauthier Producer Attila(as Attila Kállai) Directors Attila(as Attila Kállai), Magali Gauthier Writers Magali Gauthier, Meeshelle Neal(as Michelle Neal), Ashley Barlow(as Ashley Jill Barlow) Stars Meeshelle Neal, Ashley Jill Barlow Genre drama Tagline one continuous shot, one breakup Synopsis As the title tells it all, two individuals are on the verge of breaking up their relationship. Witness this "slice of life". It happens everyday, to everyone, it's nothing new... But it still always breaks hearts. Time 5 minute Links IMDB, Clermont-Ferrand Languages English, French(subtitles) Location Canada Production Dates 2009 Shoot Dates 2007 Release Dates - June 28 2021, SAGE RI LGBT Short Film Fest, online(Rhode Island, America) -April 15 2014, YouTube -April 15 2014, YouTube(French subtitles-Canada ) -February 14 2013, YouTube(French subtitles-France) -January 14 2009, dvd release(Vancouver, British Columbia) -January 30 2009, Clermont Ferrand Short Film Market(Clermont-Ferrand, France) Awards/Recognitions -Official Selection SAGE RI LGBT Short Film Fest 2021 Content Coarse Language with Scenes of Aggression, Rated 13+ Out of gallery Sage Ri LGBT film fest.jpg FYT.Pics.28th (196).JPG ashley.jpg Breakup.Poster.black3.jpg FYT.Pics.28th (218).JPG FYT.Pics.28th (202).jpg FYT.Pics.28th (176).JPG FYT.Pics.28th (191).JPG FYT.Pics.28th (174).JPG FYT.Pics.28th (186).JPG BreakupPosterblack8.jpg Breakup.Poster.black4.jpg meeshelle.jpg breakup International Short Film Festiva clermont.jpg breakup+International+Short+Film+Festiva FYT.Pics.28th+%28202%29.jpg meeshelle.jpg FYT.Pics.28th+%28218%29.JPG FYT.Pics.28th+%28186%29.JPG FYT.Pics.28th+%28191%29.JPG FYT.Pics.28th+%28196%29.JPG FYT.Pics.28th+%28176%29.JPG FYT.Pics.28th+%28174%29.JPG ashley.jpg Out of gallery Cast MEESHELLE NEAL(as MICHELLE NEAL) - Penitent Girl ASHLEY BARLOW(as ASHLEY JILL BARLOW) - Angry Girl ​ CreW ATTILA(as ATTILA KÁLLAI) - Executive Creative Director/Producer/Editor/Camera/Cinematographer/Hair/Makeup/Sound Designer MAGALI GAUTHIER - Director/Writer(story)/Executive Producer/Producer/Casting/Editor DUSICA MLADENOVIC - Associate Producer/Thanks(location) DAYNA FURST - Costume Designer/Very Special Thanks NAHIDA HUSSAIN(as NAHIDA H.) - Costume Designer/Very Special Thanks MEESHELLE NEAL(as MICHELLE NEAL) - Writer(dialogue)/Special Thanks(artistic contribution) ASHLEY JILL BARLOW - Writer(dialogue)/Special Thanks(artistic contribution) BLUE EYE DESIGNS - Wardrobe ATKA PROD - Production Company SILLYCOD PROD - Executive Production/Production Company/Distributor ATKA FILMS - Executive Production/Production Company/Distributor/Insurance/Casting/Crewing ATKA FILMS POST PRODUCTION SERVICES - Post Production ​ TRIVIA -Also known as "F.Y.T. 2". ​ -The entire film was created in one single take, without any cuts during or in post production. -The footage used to create this film was taken from a previous film's cutting room floor.(edited from "F.Y.T.") -The dialogue in the film was based mostly on the brainstorms of the cast and the producers; but was overall improvised. -Featured in the series "The Art Of..." (Season 1, Episode 1) TOP

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    VIDEOS/STILLS TRIVIA CAST/CREW SOUNDTRACK DIRECTORS NOTES ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING / CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS Watch Video Trailer SHARE Dinner(2005) Executive Producer/Writer/Producer/Director Attila(as Attila Kállai) Stars Jonathan Hamilton, Virginia Vella, Shauna Nickel, Sean Yourcheck, Andrew Brough, Tracy Varju, Mark Bailey Genre b-horror, experimental, sci-fi, dark comedy Tagline nothing is what you think Synopsis A sinister force stalks four teenagers. In this B-Horror Comedy, four friends are stalked by a werewolf as they walk home from an evening out-picking them off one by one. But unknown to some, that not all friends are friends. Time 15 minutes Links VIVO , IMDB Language English Location Canada Production Dates Spring 2004 - October 15 2005 Shoot Dates August 2004, June 2005 Release Dates -September 1 2014, internet -July 2010, Shapiro B-Horror Movie Film Festival(Japan) -October 16 2005, Public Premiere(Vancouver, Canada)(VIVO) Awards Screening Invitation Shapiro B-Horror Movie Film Festival 2010(NO AWARDS) Content Minor Violence, Rated 13+ Press Out of gallery Out of gallery Out of gallery Out of gallery PROMO PICS BTS STILLS Cast JONATHAN HAMILTON - Eric VIRGINIA VELLA - Cloe Hood SEAN YOURCHECK - Alex SHAUNA NICKEL - Stephanie ANDREW BROUGH - Werewolf 1/Werewolf 2 TRACY VARJU - Werewolf MARK BAILEY - Werewolf(voice) ​ Crew ATTILA(as ATTILA KÁLLAI) - Writer/Director/Editor/Executive Producer/Producer/Composer/Stunt Coordinator/Camera ALLISON SIEMENS - Executive Assistant CARSON MCQUIRRIE - Assistant to Director RAY FANCY - Assistant to Director SEAN YOURCHECK - Assistant Camera MANDY HAVAS - Key Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist, Special Effects Makeup Artist VIRGINIA VELLA - Stunts ANDREW BROUGH - Stunts JUSTIN SMITH - Chief Lighting Tech/Casting Assistant/Casting Room Camera Operator ANDREW BROUGH - Stunts VIRGINIA VELLA - Stunts MARK BAILEY - Composer/Sound Effects/Foley JUDIT BEKESSY - Transportation Captain TIBOR BEKESSY - Production Assistant BRYANT OLENDER - Production Assistant SMITH FAMILY - Special Thanks ELISSA B. FRITTAION - Spec ial Thanks TIM ARDENNE - Spec ial Thanks ROB CRYMBLE - Spec ial Thanks MIKE SAUL - Spec ial Thanks DAVE NURSE - Spec ial Thanks RCMP PITT MEADOWS - Special Thanks VIDEO IN - Special Thanks SALVATION ARMY - Costumes MARKET PLACE IGA - Catering ATKA FILMS - Production Company/Executive Company/Distributor/Craft Service/Insurance/Premiere Event Organizer/Costumes DAMAGED VIDEO PRODUCTIONS - Production Company FIRST TOUCH ENTERTAINMENT - Production Company ​ TRIVIA -ATKA FILMS AND ATTILA APOLOGIZE FOR MISSPELLING ELISSA B. FRITTAION'S NAME IN THE CREDITS ​ -In 2010 Atka Films was invited to the Shapiro Japanese Horror Film Festival to screen "Dinner"; but due to the fact that this film was shot so early on; before Attila had any plans on really making films and distributing; there was nothing more than a handshake; so because of not being able to find a contact for one person to get their release, they could not show the film. There would have been a potential to cut out that persons credits, but the original footage was gone, and the quality was also very low-so any editing would have destroyed any real enjoyment. ​ -Attila was casting for two feature films "Friend "Til the Bitter End" and "Breeders", when he met this great teen cast in the audition room, which blew his mind so much he knew he wanted to do a projects with this group; but didn't have a script-so he wrote one. ​ -Attila has actually done other projects with Andrew Brough on "Friends 'Til the Bitter End"-which turned into a short; but has plans to be a feature; and Jonathan Hamilton on "Black Vanilla"-which also turned out to be a short, but will be recreated as a feature with a sequel. -A sequel is planned, a scary sequel. Possible titles would be "Dinner 2", "D2". ​ -A possible trilogy has been brought up by interested actors; titles for the trilogy "Dinner", "Breakfast", "Lunch". -Allison Siemens was miss-credited as "Executive Producer" for the film on the posters. ​ -The first short movie-as opposed to film; from the director that was not a class project. -10th film for Atka Films, and the 9th film for Attila as filmmaker. -The only thing about this film Attila regrets is the "boing" sound effect in the film; he hates it and wishes someone told him how terrible it was-ironically even though this is an experimental film for him; it just doesn't fit. If he could, he would remove it. ​ -The project was to be put on hold as the director was contracted to shoot a feature film; and thus putting the production behind nine months if they went ahead and shot the project. It was decided by the cast that the project should go forward, and have the post production last 14 months. ​ -Later the composer Mark and director Attila would work together again, as the composer would take on his first project as director. ​ -Jonathan Hamilton had previously worked with the director twice before. ​ -The werewolf prosthetic was destroyed accidentally one day before filming, and thus a Halloween mask was used instead-were it was cut up in pieces and then glued to the actor's face. ​ SOUNDTRACk ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ script(with director's notes) Out of gallery TOP

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    VIDEOS/STILLS CAST/CREW TRIVIA ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING / CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS Watch Film Trailer Press F.Y.T.(2007) Executive Producers Magali Gauthier, Attila(as Attila Kállai) Producers Attila(as Attila Kállai), Magali Gauthier Director Magali Gauthier Writers Magali Gauthier, Kevin Richardson Stars Meeshelle Neal, Kevin Richardson, Sahil Dalal, Ashley Barlow Genre drama, lgbt, human rights Tagline love as intolerance... Synopsis James and Topia fall in love at first sight, but they live in a world where their relationship is frowned upon. Will they try to live their love anyway? And go beyond intolerance? Time 30 minutes, 60 minutes(director's cut) Links Clermont-Ferrand, Xtra West Newspaper, Toronto Indie Can Film Festival Language English(spoken/subtitles), French(subtitles) Location Canada Production Dates January 2007 - August 2007 Shoot Dates 2007 Release Dates -????, internet(french: director's cut, director's cut, feature, french version: feature) -September 30 2009, Xtra West Cultural Series(Vancouver, Canada)(director's cut) -October 2008, Toronto Indie Can Film Festival(Toronto, Canada)(director's cut) -January 30 2008, Clermont-Ferrand(Clermont-Ferrand, France)(director's cut) -August 2007, cast/crew/media premiere(Vancouver, Canada)(feature version) Awards -Official Selection Xtra West Cultural Series 2009 -Opening Film Toronto Indie Can Film Festival 2007 Content Violence, Coarse Language, Rated 13+ SHARE Out of gallery FYT.jpg fytdvdrelease.jpg fytpremiere.jpg fytdvd2009disk1.jpg fytdvd2009disk2.jpg fytcover2009.jpg INDIE+CAN+2008.jpg XW418.jpg Out of gallery TOP Cast MEESHELLE NEAL(as MICHELLE NEAL) - Topia KEVIN RICHARDSON - James ASHLEY JILL BARLOW - Billy SAHIL DALAL - André ATTILA(as ATTILA KÁLLAI) - Runner ARMANDO CANALES - Male Cop GRÉGORY VILLAIN - The One CAROLINE RUMEL - Officer Grant/Painter AURÉLIE DELAUNEUX - Painter JULIEN MALHERBE - Construction Worker/Biker TABY KOOHI(as TABY ALVANDKOOHI) - Pathetic BOBBY BURROWS - Law CLAIRE CARRERAS - Believe JOCELYN DeROSA - Die JOEL LaFORTUNE - Disgusting JULIA LAWTON - Sick CHEYENNE MABBERLEY - Wrong ELYSIA PAYNTER - Despicable VALERIE SMITH - Gross ​ Crew MAGALI GAUTHIER - Writer/Director/Editor/Executive Producer/Casting/Camera/Stunt Coordinator/Subtitler ATTILA KÁLLAI - Producer/Guest Director/Assistant Director/Editor/Casting/Makeup/Hair/Assistant Camera/Stunts KEVIN RICHARDSON - Writer Additional Material/Special Thanks AURÉLIE DELAUNEUX - Assocaite Producer JULIEN MALHERBE - Associate Producer DUSICA MLADENOVIC - Associate Producer/Location Provided by/Special Thanks CAROLINE RUMEL - Associate Producer GRÉGORY VILLAIN -Associate Producer DAYNA FURST - Costume Designer NAHIDA HUSSAIN - Costume Designer MEESHELLE NEAL(as MICHELLE NEAL) - Stunts TRANCE BLACKMAN - Musician GRÉGORY VILLAIN - Musician BEN CARLIN - Equipment Rental/Special Thanks ECHOBELLY - Music Provided by/Special Thanks RADIO GAY - Special Thanks THOMAS GRILLON - Funding/Special Thanks MAGALI'S VANCOUVER FRIENDS - Special Thanks JOHN TENCH - Special Thanks BLUE EYE DESIGNS - Costumes SILLYCOD PROD - Production Company/Executive Production/Distributor/Subtitles ATKA FILMS - Production Company/Executive Company/Distributor/Premiere Event Organizer THE MAJESTIC LOUNGE - Premiere Location ​ TRIVIA -First film for Magali Gauthier as a filmmaker(writer/director/producer). -Some people thought "F.Y.T." stood for "Fuck You Tube" -The title of the film came from a line spoken by Kevin Richardson while shooting the feature "Cold Side of the Pillow". While shooting a shower scene a line was spoken "fuck utopia", but Kevin a William Shatner and said "fuck u-topia". The director(Magali Gauthier) was AD on this film and right then thought that would be a great title for my film; which no one knew she was writing. -Third project between producers Magali Gauthier and Attila. First was "Take it Like a Man", then "Cold Side of the Pillow".

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    VIDEOS/STILLS CAST/CREW TRIVIA ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING / CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS Watch Video FREE Trailer Press pizza for breakfast: pre-shoot(2008) Executive Producers/Director Attila(as Attila Kállai) Producers Magali Gauthier, Cineworks(produced with the assistance of) Writer/Director Attila(screenplay adaptation)(as Attila Kállai), Maryann Kovalsi(book) Stars Michael Dickson Genre comedy, family, mockumentary, documentary, doc-mock Tagline PIZZA? For Breakfast?! Synopsis Frank and Zelda's life as owners of a pizza restaurant change forever when a stranger becomes a customer. Frank and Zelda an Italian married couple open a pizza shop, with a lack of customers. They're luck however changes when the 'Man In White' walks in one day and grants them a wish. With their new found taste of fine dining they were completely happy. As they sat back to enjoy their comfort and wealth, the entire wish began to crumble as they watched, of course another wish could always fix this mess, or could it? Time 18 minutes Links Cineworks, Sillycod Prod Maryann Kovalski Language English(spoken), French(subtitles) Location Canada Production Dates August 15 2008 - September 2008 Shoot Dates August 2008 Release Dates -????, Internet -January 30 2008, Clermont Ferrand Short Film Market(Clermont-Ferrand, France) -October 1 2008, cast/crew/media premiere Awards Content Rated G, Family SHARE Out of gallery Out of gallery Woman Out of gallery Cast MICHAEL Q. ADAMS - Frank/Himself SHERI KUNZLI - Zelda/Herself MICHAEL DICKSON - Man In White/Himself ADAM YOUNG - Henry/Himself ADRIAN SHEPPARD - Waiter/Himself NATHAN DUREC - Basketball Player/Himself DAVE THOMPSON - Factory Man/Himself COURTNEY MONTGOMERY - Factory Woman/Herself ATTILA(as ATTILA KÁLLAI) - Cooking Magazine Reporter/Himself(VOICE) (UNCREDITED) JUNIPER OMONIYI - Herself NEVA GLASS(as YANA YANSENEVA) - Herself MARIE-CLAUDE BLEAU - Herself MAURA HALLIDAY - Herself KRYSTAL CAPRANOS - Herself SARAH HALINA STACCH - Herself GRIFFIN KNIGHT - Himself Cast ATTILA(as ATTILA KÁLLAI) - Writer/Director/Editor/Sound Editor/Camera/Costumer/Executive Producer MAGALI GAUTHIER - Producer/Subtitler/Translator MICHAEL AUGUSTINE - Camera NEVA GLASS(as YANA YASENEVA) - Stills NAHIDA HUSSAIN - Costume Director MARIE-CLAUDE BLEAU - Makeup MAURA HALLIDAY - Makeup KRYSTLE CAPRANOS - Hair SARAH HALINA STACH - Hair GRIFFIN KNIGHT - Director's Assistant/Stunts JASON DEREK COX - Very S pecial T hanks DEBORAH JOHNSTONE - S pecial T hanks CASABLANCA'S INSTITUTE OF APPLIED ARTS - Special Thanks CINEWORKS - Produced with the Assistance of ATKA FILMS - Executive Production/Distributor/Costumes SILLYCOD PROD - Production Company/Subtitles ​ TRIVIA -This short film was created as a pitch to investors, there's was interest but eventually one of the controlling members decided to move, and so it never went further. -Most of the actors had no idea that there was no script for this shoot. -Jason Derek Cox was not actually given a special thanks in the dvd credits, but does have one on IMDB. -Courtney Montgomery wrote a paper on the storybook while attending college. She came onto the project knowing more that anyone else about the story; history and adaptational options. TOP

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    ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING / CASTING FILM FUND AF+ development to distribution ATKA FILMS our partners/subsidiaries YOUTUBE distributor ATKA FILMS REALITY production/distributor AMAZON PRIME distributor (development) JUST ACT FILMS distributor/production ATTILA executive producer ATKA FILMS 2 distributor

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    VIDEOS/STILLS CAST/CREW TRIVIA LETTERS ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING/ CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS Watch PSAs FREE Trailer Press BREAKING NEWS(2008) + other psa's Executive Producers Attila(as Attila Kállai), Magali Gauthier Producers Attila(as Attila Kállai), Magali Gauthier Directors Attila(as Attila Kállai) Writers Attila(as Attila Kállai), Magali Gauthier Stars Enrico Bongo Genre PSA, reality, human rights Tagline homosexuality is not a disease, but the hatred is Synopsis We encounter a man watching t.v. who becomes increasingly frustrated with an emergency announcement in another language, and leaves. Upon returning he sits in front of his t.v. and sees the show returning to its regular broadcast. However, what the man missed from leaving the room is that there is a very contagious outbreak which is life threatening, and everyone should go to their local clinic for a vaccine. Time 1 minute Links Out In Schools, VSB, Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Queer History Project, Xtra West Newspaper, International Day Against Homophobia, Day of Silence(april 25), Clermont-Ferrand Languages English(spoken), French(spoken) Location Canada Production Dates April 2008 Shoot Dates April 2008 Release Dates - June 28 2021 , SAGE RI LGBT Short Film Fest, online (Rhode Island, America ) -June 20 2014, YouTube -September 2008, Xtra West Cultural Series(Vancouver, Canada) -August 2 2008, Vancouver Queer Film Festival(Vancouver, Canada) -January 30 2008, Clermont Ferrand Short Film Market(Clermont-Ferrand, France) Awards/Recognitions -Official Selection SAGE RI LGBT Short Film Fest 2021 -Official Selection Xtra West Cultural Series 2009 -Screened Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2008 -Winner Best Film Out On Screen/Out In Schools/Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2008 Content Rated G SHARE Out of gallery Sage Ri LGBT film fest.jpg Scan 2.jpeg HND.jpg enricoannoyed.jpg enricoannoyed2.jpg International Short Film Festival - Cler Scan.jpeg breakingredposter.jpg Out of gallery Cast ENRICO BONGO - Man KIRBY RAE - Play Time Host MAGALI GAUTHIER - Reporter KRIS CARTER - Voice ​ CreW ATTILA(as ATTILA KÁLLAI) - Director, Camera, Editor, Writer MAGALI GAUTHIER - Producer, Assistant Director, Writer(French dialogue)/Subtitler ATKA FILMS - Executive Production/Production Company/Distributor SILLYCOD PROD - Executive Production/Production Company/Distributor/Subtitles OUT ON SCREEN - Distributor ​ TRIVIA -Was created last minute from a recommendation by a friend of director Attila. -Director Attila gave co-director Magali Gauthier top billing as filmmaker for "Breaking News" because he believes everyone needs and deserves a little appreciation. He felt it was her time to be recognized. Although Magali has always felt opposed to even being credited as a director on this project, as she didn't direct this piece but only assisted. -While creating this video, they also created at the same time the following titles, these are other PSA's that were created simultaneously(which can also be viewed on the Atka Films YouTube channel ): ​ Breaking News(2008) - Winner Best Film(Directed by Attila) Heterophobia(2008) - Nominated Best Film (Directed by Magali Gauthier) Play Time(2008) - PSA (Directed by Attila) Breaking News 2(2008) - PSA (Directed by Attila) Flower(2008) - PSA (Directed by Attila) ​ LETTER FROM YOUTH EDUCATION on win 2008 ​ "Congratulations! Your film was selected the winner of the Anti-Homophobia PSA contest!! Thanks very much for your submission!! Keep up the good work!" Sincerely, Ross Johnstone Director Of Youth Education Out On Screen, Out in Schools ​ LETTER FROM PRODUCERS to fans, cast, crew 2008 These five commercials were created by Magali Gauthier and Attila Kállai for the "Video Out Contest", for "Out On Screen" and "Out in Schools". All four were created in two days. The commercials were shot at the end of April, and now two months later we have received confirmation that one of our commercial won.(below is the e-mail) ​ These short films are not something that hasn't been talked about before, they are not revolutionary, they are not new points of view. Of course looking at these and the ideas behind homophobia, you'll probably be able to very easily figure out what each one is about. Even though we've all heard it before, repetition is the answer. The point isn't to annoy you with the same info., but to keep that understanding fresh in your head. I'm sure your math skills from high school aren't as sharp as they once were. ​ We can't expect to change hatred right away, it takes time. That's why we have to keep reminding ourselves; to be polite, to sympathize, to see what the other sees when they look at you, to remember back to a time when you were the victim. In general, it's just about human compassion, or there the lack of that needs to be created and kept going. We have to keep remembering our struggles and pain from the past, or there's no way to change this for the future. How can we expect ourselves to stop someone's pain if we cannot even understand it because we've forgotten to remember our own. ​ Attila Kállai Executive Producer, Atka Films ONE YEAR LATER letter to fans, cast, crew 2009 It's been a year since our WINNING film "Breaking News" was released to festivals and broadcasting. With major response from hundreds of people having already seen the film, our one year release, and May 17 being International Day Against Homophobia(with a week of events); we've decided to make "Breaking News" public release, as well as the rest of the psa's we've created. This group was created to keep the reminder going of the support we need to keep sustaining as humans, for love, friendship, and to keep our human kind going strong -However flawed we may be at times, there's still some good. ​ Myself, and others(crew/actors) at Atka Films have been a supporter of the GLBT community for years, and will continue to do so. I have proudly for years stood up for the rights of people in voice, action, and of course my favorite in combination, film. Besides "Breaking News" and our other psa's, we have other films that might interest your fancy towards equal rights(ATKAFILMS.COM)as well being in part a community production we are open and look forward to collaborating on ideas if you so have one. We also enjoy comments through our site and email. Sincerely, Attila Kállai Executive Producer, Atka Films Sincerely, Magali Gauthier Executive Producer, Atka Films/Sillycod Prod TOP

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    VIDEOS/STILLS TRIVIA CAST/CREW SOUNDTRACK SCRIPT ATKA FILMS ABOUT PROJECTS STREAM SIGN UP CREWING / CASTING FILM FUND AF+ JUST ACT FILMS Watch Video Trailer SHARE Take it like a man: pink cut(2007) Executive Producer Attila(as Attila Kállai) Producers Attila(as Attila Kállai), Idris Hudson Writer/Director Attila(as Attila Kállai) Stars Michelle Van Kampen, Loriel Medynski Genre experimental, dark comedy, sketch Tagline jam never tasted this sweet Synopsis A cobbler zombie tries to avoid the romantic advances of a human cat hybrid. While the couple next door has yet again another breakup. Time 15 minutes Links Xtra West Newspaper, IMDB Language English(spoken) Location Canada Production Dates December 2005 - February 2006 Shoot Dates January 2006 Release Date -????, January 2006 -January 2006, J Lounge, Vancouver, British Columbia Awards Official Selection Xtra West Cultural Series 2009 Content Rated G Press STILLS BTS Out of gallery PROMO Out of gallery Out of gallery SCREENSHOTS Out of gallery Out of gallery Cast ATTILA - Charlie(as Attila Kállai) FLEUR the CAT - Rufus IDRIS HUDSON - Johnny MITCH McGUIRE - Gary LORIEL MEDYNSKI - Caraline JUSTIN PARKER - Elevator Man MICHELLE VAN KAMPEN - Julia ​ Crew ATTILA(as Attila Kállai) - Executive Producer/Producer/Writer/Director/Music by/DOP/Editor/Casting/Graphic Artist/BTS Producer/Camera/Musician/ Stunt Coordinator TEA BUECHNER - Associate Producer ROB ERICKSON - Associate Producer CARMEN FINKENBERGER - Associate Producer MAGALI GAUTHIER - Producer(re-issued version)/BTS camera and Stills/Camera/Still photographer/L ocation Scout/Script Supervisor/ Assistant Editor/Subtitler/B oom Operator IDRUS HUDSON - Producer/P ublicist/Boom Operator YUI ISHIGAKI - Associate Producer DAYNA FURST - Costume Designer/B oom Operator/Camera Operator KYLA ROCKINGHAM - Key Makeup Artist/Hair AEMIL FOLGIZAN - BTS Camera/BTS Photographer/Still Photographer MATTHEW PRESIDENTÉ - Musician MARK KOWALK - Grateful Thanks DENIS SIMPSON - Special Thanks ATKA FILMS - Production Company/Executive Production/Distributor/Casting/Crewing LEGACY - Production Company ​ TRIVIA -This was a last minute project that was thrown together for two reasons, one being that Script Supervisor Magali was the Assistant Director of "Cold Side of the Pillow" also directed by Attila. MAgali mentioned a contest they could enter to make a short film. Two, Attila thought it was a good idea to get the team of the feature film "Cold Side of the Pillow together and see how we work together before spending the next year together. Most of the same crew was also on the feature, which was crewed and cast before this idea came up. ​ soundtrack ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ script TOP

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    STREAMING SOON-ish... independent films by independent people ATKA FILMS. JUST ACT FILMS. ATKA FILMS REALITY. HELL YEAH! PRODUCTIONS FIRST TOUCH ENTERTAINMENT DAMAGED VIDEO PRODUCTIONS T.E.A.M. CREWING/CASTING "Attila v. Van City", dir. Reed Kierce "Free Tonight?", dir. Attila, Reed Kierce "Cooking with Friends", dir. Attila, TBA COVID GUIDLINES COMING SOON Out of gallery more to come... YouTube 2 YouTube 3 Just Act Films Cold Side of the Pillow IMDb Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube 1