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🧠 🧘 = ❤️(2022)

Filmmaker Attila

Genre documentary, short, mental illness, mental health
Synopsis A filmmaker talks about this experiences from being committed to psychiatrics, then learning how to deal and live with mental illness through physical exercise and awareness of ones body.
Time 5 minutes
Links IMDB, Facebook Premiere Event Page, Red Moon Film Festival
Location Canada
Production Dates January 16, 2022 - February 23, 2022
Shoot Dates January 25, 2022 - February 21, 2022
Release Dates

-May 31, 2022 Red Moon Film Festival

-May 22, 2022 Think Shorts

-April 6, 2022 4Theatre Film Festival

-April 4, 2022(YouTube Live Free Public Premiere)

-April 1, 2022(Vimeo, private premiere to be announced internet)

-April 1, 2022 Eastern Europe Film Festival

-March 31, 2022 Medusa Film Festival

-February 23, 2022(Patreon EARLY ACCESS)


-Winner Best Short Documentary, Medusa Film Festival 2022

-Official Selection(best short documentary) Medusa Film Festival 2022

-Official Selection(best miscellaneous short) 4Theatre Film Festival 2022

-Official Selection(best documentary short) 4Theatre Film Festival 2022

-Official Selection(best documentary) Eastern Europe Film Festival 2022

-Official Selection(best short film) Eastern Europe Film Festival 2022

-Official Selection Think Shorts 2022

-Official Selection(best short documentary) Red Moon Film Festival 2022

Content Rated PG


-Short Films Matter, "Mind + Body = Self Love" (2022)

"High praise to Attila for producing such an inspirational and motivational video – which will prove to be a benefit too many sufferers of mental illness."



ATTILA - Filmmaker/Himself @actorAttila

DAMIAN NIOLET - Animation & Images by

GDJ - Animation & Images by

RAFAELA LIMA - Animation & Images by

TAW4 - Animation & Images by

ACTIVE STOCK - Arial Footage by

FASTSON - Sound Effects by

I AM HE WHO - Sound Effects by

DUPLEX DIVISION - Sound Effects by

"Epic Cinematic Emotional" by LUIZA D. - Music By

JUST ACT FILMS - Production Company/Distributor @JustActFilms

ATKA FILMS - Presents/Distributor @AtkaFilms


Is and extremely shortened version of the series "The..." which is in post-production.

The title of the film uses emojis, because the director wanted people to really think about what this could mean, in a way to entice people to watch this film.


Alternate spellings of the film title in words is "Mind Plus Body Equals Self Love", or as "Mind + Body = Self Love".

filmmaker statement

I didn't want to add any name credits, because this film is more the just about giving credit where credit is due. It's not about the people, but about what we the people struggle with.

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