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when trees fall(2023)  post production 

Synopsis A person goes for a walk during an existential crisis.   Tagline does it make a sound... 

Genre drama   Content 18+, Disturbing Images   Time ?   Link IMDB   Language English(spoken)   Location Canada
Production Dates October 2021 - present   Shoot Dates August 25, 29, 30 2022   Release Date 
2023   Recognitions


LUCAS PEARSON - Guy/Alter @Lucas_Pearson_Stuff

SUKHMAN SRAN - Alter Double @SranProductions_

 - Alter(Voice)

 - Reporter(Voice)

- Paramedic(Voice)

 - Search Party


ATTILA - Filmmaker @actorAttila

MARCIN FIKUS - Still Photographer @CamelThumbs

SUKHMAN SRAN - Producer's Assistant/Special Thanks @SranProductions_
HARRISON DAEM - Producer's Assistant/Still Photographer @Daem_Film

MARIUS VISION - Aerial Photography

CREWCUT - B Roll Camera

IVZ - B Roll Camera


TREZVUY - Search Party Footage Producer

KEITH TSANG - Lighting Designer @wysiwyg_kt

 Soundtrack: "About Life" provided by EG PRODUCTIONS

Soundtrack: "Solo Violin" composed and performed by ELVY TORNIO, published by DAYDREAMER MAGICprovided by GROOVING GECKO

​​FRED - Special Thanks

BEI KEN - Special Thanks

HEATH PARSONS - Special Thanks

BUMP N GRIND CAFE - Grateful Acknowledgement @BumpNGrindCafe

HOLLYWOOD THEATRE - Special Thanks @HollywoodTheatreVan

SLICE VANCOUVER - Thank You @SliceNextDoor

ATKA FILMS - Executive Production/Distributor/Presents @AtkaFilms

JUST ACT FILMS - Production @JustActfilms

DAEM FILM - In Association With @Daem_Film

SRAN PRODUCTIONS - In Association With @SranProductions_

T.E.A.M. - Production Company


The original title of the film was “Relationality”; relationality means, indicating a relation(s) or relationship; concerning the way in which two or more people or things are connected.

The casting/crewing title for the film was "WTF", which are the first letters of each word for the title of the film. But it also goes with the ending of the film, where the director wanted people to say this, because of the shock.

In every film that filmmaker Attila creates he always has a unique way of crediting his participation, one which gives more insight into the film. This time around the unique credit will be-which always appears at the end of each film; will be: "existentialism by Attila".

This film is a short film test shoot for a feature film in development.

There are two versions of the film, a version which is publicly viewable, and then the director's cut which is longer and available to stream as a subscriber.

Based on true events.

filmmaker statement

More and more I look to myself when it comes to stories, as it's a way to self reflect on myself. This film is such as a journal for me, which I find is just not important to myself but to others when they know what the serious subject matter of mental illness and mental health is coming from a filmmaker who understands the material on a personal level.

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