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SCREENING SCHEDULE 2020                                          

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES                                

1a: main photography should be shot in Vancouver, Canada and filmmaker(director and or producer must be a Vancouver resident)

1b: non Vancouver photography and non residence films will be accepted starting Feb 4th, 2020

2: 15 minutes or less running time including credits

3: no nudity

4: no coarse language

5: must have English subtitles, even if the film's main language is English

6: must be micro-budget created(budget under 500.00 no budget)

7. a filmmaker may submit more than one film, but each film must have a separate submission

8. films must have been completed within one year of festivals' "finals" round date(s)

9. all films must have a trailer

10. for "submit trailer" category, they are separate from your film submission, and is not the same trailer which you submit a film for.  Trailer submissions are a separate category from "submit film". They do not qualify for prizes if accepted, if accepted they are shown as a promotion for your film, so people can go watch your film on your youtube channel or other streaming platform.


SUBMISSION STEPS                                          

STEP 1: fill out form

STEP 2: send entry fee(5$ EARLY BIRD until Feb., 20, 2030; 10$ after)

STEP 3: send the following items to: atka@atkafilms.com with subject "HAPPY HOUR FILM FEST"








AWARDS AND PRIZES                                       


•surprise Gift Card

•happy hour food gift card

•"Audience Choice Happy Hour Film Fest" trophy

•return of your submission cost(5.00$ CDN)


•surprise filmmaking accessory

•happy hour food gift card

•"Audience Choice Happy Hour Film Fest" trophy

•return double of your submission cost(10.00$ CDN)


•happy hour food gift card

•"Audience Choice Happy Hour Film Fest" trophy

•30.00$ CDN


•one of the non "Audience Choice Happy Hour Film Fest" films from the previous nights will be given a chance to come back just for the final round and win it all


•"Best Film Happy Hour Film Fest" trophy

• happy hour food gift card

•50.00$ CDN

•automatically entered into the Atka Films Ultra Low Budget Film Fund* contest for their next film, without having to provide any submissions; where all participants are eligible to receive up to 1000.00 CDN towards their next film

HOW TO WIN:  all films are voted on by the viewers during the festival, so the more people you bring the better chance you have to win.

PRIZES:  during each night there will be a raffle draw to win drinks and food, everyone will receive one raffle, but more can be purchased.

*currently not launched officially, the information is available for viewing but is subject to change without notice; and applications are not being accepted to looked at until an open announcement is made on the Atka Films social media pages



-NO cover charge

-3121 Granville street(between 15th and 16th)


-all filmmakers with a film in the festival will receive reserved seating for themselves and one other person.  two reserved seats in total. followed by seating on a first come first served basis and standing room

-submission refunds are not provided



we will be screening trailers throughout the night, if you would like to have a trailer for your film screened, this is where to do it.  Please fill out the submission form and email it to atka@atkafilms.com



if you would like to have a trailer or ad shown for your film and or company without submitting, please fill out the form and provide payment for ad space and or trailer space on screen, and email your form to atka@atkafilms.com


1 night/5.00$CDN


2 nights/10.00$CDN


3 nights/12.00$CDN(ONLY 2.00$ more)


4 nights/14.00$CDN BEST DEAL



this first screening for micro budget films will be held at a micro restaurant, as of course is the idea being a "happy hour"; food, drinks, art.  But we do see a future where we will move to not just one but many restaurants and venues, which include theatres.


A few selections below fo items from the menu, but to see the full menu please download the PDF or go to our facebook page.



Lord of the Fries - $5

Roll Call - $5

Taco To Me - $5

Double Steal - $6

Diamonds and Pearls - $7

Drum It Up - 9$


Craft Beer - $4

Spirits - $4

Feature Mocktail - $5

Feature Cocktails - $9

Wines - $7


"Happy Hour Film Fest" and "Happy Hour Film Festival" is a trademark name and copyright under Atka Films